KDRV-PCIe - Konica Minolta Inkjet Head Board with PC-Module



KDRV-PCIe is a single board computer which is used to control Konica Minolta printheads. It combines a dual core Intel® Atom™ processor with a powerful Xilinx FPGA. Its PC-Module communicates directly with the printhead through PCI Express interface.

KDRV-PCIe is a compact solution for printing machines such as label printers. No additional computers, electronics or interfaces are needed. Windows Embedded Standard 7 is factory-installed and configured.

KDRV-PCIe provides access to all head settings including printhead voltage control, temperature control and printing waveform settings. It supports binary and 8-level gray scale printing. 

Its powerful Xilinx FPGA makes it highly customizable with respect to customer requirements. KDRV-PCIe can also control printheads from other vendors (e.g. Seiko, Ricoh, Xaar) with a small adapter board.

Hardware Features

  • COM Express® PC-Module
  • Intel® Atom™ D2550 processor, dual core, 2x1.86GHz
  • 2 GByte DDR3-SDRAM Memory
  • 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet
  • CFast CompactFlash Socket (up to 120 GB)
  • Displayport connector for monitor
  • 4x USB
  • Opto-isolated inputs
  • Isolated relay outputs
  • RS422/RS485 compatible inputs for encoder
  • Configurable virtual encoder
  • External UV-LED control for ink curing
  • Single 24V input power
  • 100 x 145 mm dimensions

Software Features

  • Supports Windows and Linux operating systems (Windows Embedded Standard 7 is factory-installed)
  • Windows DLL API with PCI-Express Drivers are available
  • Complete printing software with Codesoft integration is available